IGNITE is Hot Mama's 28-day at home health and fitness program.

Our Founder of Hot Mama, the OHM, designed and developed IGNITE after her own ACL (knee) injury in 2015. She found herself 20+ pounds heavier, lethargic, uninspired and depressed. IGNITE came from a difficult place for the OHM, but it brought her from the dark into the light and after 28 days she’d lost most of the weight she’d gained…but…better yet…she was energized and feeling STRONG. She was motivated and inspired. With the IGNITE program, you will get the following:

Nutrition & Health

Whether you are not sure of the right way to eat healthy, or are looking to shake things up, we will show you a kick-butt nutrition program


Not sure how to do something? We have put together step-by-step tutorials for every exercise, from pushups to burpees!


We give you a fitness schedule...all you have to do it follow it for 28 days! No ambiguity, only results


We are there for you, mamas! Your OHM will be there every step of the way offering encouragement and support through videos and online correspondance.


Keep it simple, Mamas! All of our workouts can be done by yourself, at home. No heavy equipment, no complex routines, all you need is time


Cheaper than any gym membership, with results that will change your life and your body in just 4 weeks!

Your Instructor

Lindsay Goulet, PhD
Lindsay Goulet, PhD

They call me the OHM. The "Original Hot Mama."

My earliest memories are of going with with my own Mama as she taught aerobics in leotards and legwarmers. I grew up with it. I started teaching when I was 17 and have taught from that point on. I love the way the body moves and adapts to exercise. I love it so much I throughly educated myself: I received a Bachelor of Physical Education, a Master's of Science and ultimately a PhD in Exercise/Occupational Physiology.